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The ultimate “To the point” courses in Sound Engineering and Music Production in Pune. Forget conventional style of learning, learn in smart way and be expert sooner than you think!

Sound Engineering & Music Production Course

Off-Line + Online mode, both courses available.

Off-line course is conducted at filmix studios for pune based artists or nearby city who can travel once a week to pune or else, online mode is also good option for those who can not come to studio!

We believe in practical knowledge which is required to work in this industry! Unfortunately, there is still orthodox way of teaching, so even learning for 3 years students lack the right knowledge, thus don’t do that well. Hence, we have our own unique syllabus based on our vast experience in the field. We are conducting two best programs listed below.

sound engineering

This course is best for the individuals who want to do audio engineering, technogeeks and love studio environment!

Music Production at Filmix studios

This course is ideal for individuals who like to put their own taste in music!

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